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But Wei Xiasheng burst out laughing. He came over and patted Jiang Xiaoyi on the shoulder. With a bold look on his face, he said, "What's your name, Minister Wei?"? Xiao Yi is too strange. Just call me brother Wei. You are the only genius in our Tianque Gate for thousands of years. Your future achievements are limitless. Maybe I will work under you in the future. Why can't you wait? And the defense of the library, the principal's adult also said, I want you to give priority to, good students to help you. How interesting! So this time, you're still my immediate superior. At this point, Wei Xiasheng motioned to the four people behind Jiang Xiaoyi, especially when he looked at Hero Shen, his smile became more and more kind. Listening to Wei Xiasheng's words, Jiang Xiaoyi's heart was more surprised and suspicious. What on earth was this guy doing? But to get to the back of a few words, he finally some back to taste, dare this minister Wei is already his teacher Rui Ye's people! While admiring Rui Ye's means in his heart, the doubts in his heart are still unsolved. That is to Wei Xiasheng's present status, at this time resolutely choose to abandon, more powerful Xuanyuan family, and take refuge in the forces of Rui Ye,akba boswellic acid, which is still relatively thin, this move can be said to be timely help. Therefore, his weight in Rui Ye's heart will never be under his close disciple, and there is no need to please him like this! There were a few huge question marks in his mind, but Jiang Xiaoyi still kept a smile on his face and said, "What is the only genius in a thousand years?"? Brother Wei is really overpraised. At this point, he moved his eyes to the wrinkled middle-aged man not far away and said with a questioning look on his face,naringenin price, "Who is this?" Ha ha ha! Don't you know? Come on, Xiaoyi. Let me introduce you. Wei Xiasheng took Jiang Xiaoyi's hand very affectionately and took a few steps closer to the middle-aged man. Then he said with a smile, "The man in front of you is the curator of the museum.". The only one in Tianque Gate, Shouyuan has passed the golden elixir of three hundred Li Canghai, how about it? Have you heard of it? "So it's curator Li face to face!"! Student Jiang Xiaoyi has given you a gift! Jiang Xiaoyi looked solemn when he heard this. He respectfully saluted the middle-aged man in front of him. The life story of Li Canghai can be said to be thunderous. There are many golden elixirs in Tianque Gate, but only one of them can live for three hundred years. What is more valuable is that this Li Canghai did not live to such an age within the clan, but always fought in the front line of the major branch halls. It was not until 30 years ago that he gradually retired and went to the rear to retire because of his great decline in cultivation. Three hundred years of longevity means that the middle-aged man with white hair has experienced countless ups and downs. To get out of those stormy waves, Li Canghai may not be as good as others in terms of cultivating true aptitude, but experience and wisdom are absolutely the best choice! Moreover, in the past three hundred years, his students and children have spread all over the Tianque Gate, and many of them have ascended to high positions in the school. His power may not be as good as the patriarch of those aristocratic families and the head of the altar, but when it comes to image power, tannic acid astringent ,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, this Li Canghai is absolutely not inferior to these people. He is almost a hundred responses at the bottom of the sect. What he said, even the real person with a face, sometimes he has to think carefully. Xiao Yi classmate need not be more polite, this year, although I stay at home, but also heard a lot of your name. "Li Canghai reserved smile, eyes swept Wei Xiasheng, is also full of doubt.". He naturally knew that the burly man had taken refuge in Rui Ye's camp. But to Wei Xiasheng, to a young man less than fourteen years old, the attitude is so respectful and very strange. In fact, he did not want to come to the school to meet, but was pulled over by Weixiasheng. He was even very dissatisfied with Rui Ye, the president of the college, who sent a child to manage the security of the library. No matter how talented the purple-haired teenager was, Rui Ye's order, in his opinion, was too trifling. Only 300 years of life. Li Canghai had already learned how to hide his emotions, so at this time his face was filled with an indifferent and gentle smile, and no one could see the discomfort in his heart.
In front of these young people, if they can survive this difficulty, the future is indeed limitless, although they do not have to fear him, but also for the sake of the descendants of the Wei family, there is no need to offend. Seeing that all five of them had saluted Li Haisheng one after another, Wei Xiasheng burst out laughing again: "Curator Li, Xiao Yi, brother, let's go!"! Let's go in and walk and talk! It's not very convenient to talk here. "Then he continued to take Jiang Xiaoyi's hand and walked up the steps of the museum gate, looking more intimate.". Now that has officially joined the faction of Rui Ye, then some things Rui Ye also no longer hide from him, so he is also the fourth, know that yesterday the two golden Dan territory, is killed by Jiang Xiaoyi. Kidding! As soon as he graduated, he was able to serve as an elite governor who was not inferior to him. At the age of fourteen, he killed three golden elixirs in succession. His sister was about to be promoted to S-level combat power. Several companions who were dead set on following him were all promising. Such a person, how can he not take advantage of now, the other side's wings have been hard, but has not yet been able to take off a good time to curry favor? Wei Xiasheng is now afraid that his attitude is not sincere enough and his eyes are not sincere enough. Part III Zhengrong-Part IV Decisive Battle Chapter 141-Summoning from the Artifact Mourn the victims of the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan! I wish the injured a speedy recovery and pray for the safety of the people in the disaster area. Speaking of it, this is the first time that Jiang Xiaoyi has entered the museum. Although he was interested in the things inside before, he could not spare time to see them because he had a full schedule every day. All kinds of discarded Lingbao in the museum are above the middle grade, and there are no immortal weapons below the top grade. These things, for Jiang Xiaoyi's current cultivation,saw palmetto extract, are of no benefit, so he is not in a hurry. But today, I have to come. prius-biotech.com