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It's about the happiness of l & igrave! There's nothing I can say that will go backwards! If it was something else, Sakazaki would definitely give in to his father, but when it came to his sister, Sakazaki said he would not compromise. Originally in a few years ago, sakazaki by l & igrave also shoes sakazaki Liang is also very young, sakasaki thought because of their own car accident and left the young children, ran out alone to investigate the reasons, and this walk is a few years young sakasaki Liang in order to take care of his sister, had to learn karate he did not like, and even gave up his studies. Run out to play black boxing to support l & igrave to go to school, it can be said that it was Sakazaki who brought up l & igrave. Sakazaki did not do his duty as a father at all. Although after finding his father, Sakazaki Ryo and Yul & igrave did not have any gap with Sakazaki Takuma, but now, Sakazaki Takuma actually wants to use Yul & igrave to expand the limit flow, and even to sacrifice the happiness of Sakazaki-Yul and igrave for a lifetime, which is absolutely unacceptable to Sakazaki-Ryo. "Are you ready to fight your father, boy?" Sakazaki thought angrily that he had never thought that one day his son would stand on the opposite side of himself. "Father, you forced me to do this!" Sakazaki's conscience is so strong that he can't compromise today in any case! "Wait a Liang,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, the cause of this matter is me, I always have to solve it." At this time, Li Yalin suddenly blocked the side of Sakazaki Liang. Although Li Yalin is now negative about Sakazaki, but Sakazaki Liang is still a very good guy. Li Yalin doesn't want to see the scene of father and son killing each other. It's better for him to solve this matter. "Yalin hello, everything on you," Sakazaki Liang was stunned,large ficus tree, but soon his mind calmed down, Sakazaki Liang believed in Li Yalin, Li Yalin absolutely has the ability to solve this matter perfectly. "Mr. Sakazaki, I say again, I will not enter the limit flow, the problem between me and l & igrave is also our own business, and Mr. Sakazaki has nothing to do with you, please don't do anything that bothers me, if not, I'm afraid we don't even have friends to do." Looking at the Sakazaki pondering in front of me, Li Yalin's voice gradually cooled down. The name of Takuma Sakazaki has also changed from uncle to Mr. Sakazaki, which means that Li Yalin and Takuma Sakazaki have completely become strangers. "You can actually think about this Yalin again." For Li Yalin, Sakazaki still wants to fight for it very much. As long as there is Li Yalin, outdoor ficus tree ,silk ficus tree, the fame of the limit flow is absolutely tomorrow. If you don't work hard today, then tomorrow's fame will become unknown. "Enough, Father!"! How long do you want to lose face! As I said, I have quit the limit flow. That is to say, from now on, I am a person who doesn't know the fire flow. Even if I marry Elder Martial Brother Yalin, we all belong to the fire flow and have nothing to do with your limit flow! Without waiting for Li Yalin to speak, Sakazaki by l & igrave suddenly broke out. I can't stand it. I really can't stand it. It is undeniable that Sakazaki by l & igrave has a very high degree of affection for Li Yalin. If there is no fire dance, marrying Li Yalin is also a good choice. But now the situation is completely different. Sakazaki Yul & igrave himself can bury this feeling deeply, but he is absolutely not allowed to let his father blame his relationship with Brother Yalin. For Yul & igrave, the relationship between himself and Brother Yalin is good as long as it continues like this. "Shut up!"! You unfilial daughter, who allowed you to quit the limit flow! If you dare to quit, I will pretend that I don't have your daughter today! Sakazaki pondered is very angry, his daughter actually dare to disobey their own decision, and even to betray the division, heresy ah is really heresy!
"No, no, brother Yalin, sister Wu, you will take me in, right?" Sakazaki Yu l & igrave snorted coldly, and then cast his pitiful eyes on Li Yalin and the unknown fire dance. "Of course, you are welcome to come at any time," Li Yalin smiled, how could he refuse this lovely little girl? "I don't know that the fire flow will always be the home of l & igrave." I don't know that the fire dance also smiled and hugged Sakazaki by l & igrave in her arms. Although she was very dissatisfied with Sakazaki, I didn't know the fire dance still liked l & igrave.She was very sweet and sensible, as if she were her sister. "You're all against me!" Sakazaki thought at this time already did not know what to say good, angry dead! I'm so angry! So what if it's against you? You are so old and disrespectful that you want y & ograveu to abduct Yalin into a wife. What a shame! As for Sakazaki's anger, Mary curled her lips discontentedly. She had long been unhappy with Sakazaki, and now it was time to vent her anger. "How dare you scold me!" Sakazaki pondered on the head burst out a few blue veins, he was scolded by a little girl, this kind of thing spread out, how can I mix in the future? Chapter 319 crazy Sakazaki Takuma. …… You are the one who scolds! "What can you do to me?" Mary's expression was very disdainful. Although Sakazaki thought is a generation of master, but does not mean that Mary will see him in the eye, this year who is afraid of who Ai fight or something, he is also very good at saying. "You want to die!" Sakazaki thought finally could not help, his face has lost the plan … Also failed, if you do not vent, how can this tone be swallowed! Take the girl in front of you to get rid of her anger! "Father, what are you doing?" See Sakazaki pondering the appearance is not right,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, Sakazaki Liang hurriedly dodged in front of Sakazaki pondering, the presence of his friends, how can let his father hurt everyone. hacartificialtree.com