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With a sneer, Guan Tong went around like a shuttle and said, "You didn't exert your power just now. It doesn't count this time. Let's come again." He moved with both hands and solved all the acupoints of all the escorts in an instant. Guan Tong's action greatly violated the rules of Wulin. It should be noted that these people are also famous in Jianghu. Under such circumstances, they are ashamed to do it again. They looked at each other one by one, angry and ashamed. In fact, if they join hands again at this time and Guan Tong a fight, Guan Tong will not be able to win in a short time, only because Guan Tong just played a strange trick, and in the public defenseless, this is successful. Guan Tong didn't understand this. He still shouted, "Hey, why don't you do it?"? Want me to do it first? They did not know that he was a fledgling. They only knew that he was deliberately insulting each other. They were so angry that they glared at each other. Huang Hai, who had no wind, suddenly stood up trembling. Zhang Bailong hurriedly stepped forward to help him and said, "Master, your leg.." Guan Tong glanced sideways. It turned out that Huang Hai's left leg was paralyzed. No wonder he had been sitting and refused to get up. When Huang Hai saw his disciples coming up to help him, he put his hand on Zhang Bailong's shoulder and came to Guan Tong trembling. When Guan Tong saw a trace of cold on Huang Hai's face, he felt a little nervous. Huang Hai walked three paces away and stopped. He gazed at Guan Tong and said coldly, "Young man, if you beat the old man, take it!" Then he turned and bowed to the escorts and said,Warehouse storage racks, "If you think highly of the Yellow Sea, please don't do it." Guan Tong felt a shock in his heart. He began to feel that Huang Hai was really a bit of a hero. But when he saw Huang Hai's left leg, he could not help snorting and secretly said, "How can I, Guan Tong, fight with a disabled person?" Huang Hai seemed to fully understand what he meant from Guan Tong's cold hum, so in an instant, his face turned red,Pallet rack upright, the veins on his forehead kept beating, and his hand on the disciple's shoulder kept trembling, so without saying a word, he reached out and slapped his face. Guan Tong suddenly felt a very strange and fierce palm wind, so that he never believed that it was from the hands of an old, weak and disabled man. Guan Tong's body was like electricity, and instead of retreating, he passed through the palm wind of the Yellow Sea. He clasped his hands on his chest and said coldly, "I'm not happy to do it." Hwanghae: "If you want to succeed, you have to pass the old man first!" " Guan Tong thought, if I don't do it, can't I pass you? Without saying a word, he suddenly flashed forward, like a fish swimming into the water, and gracefully flashed past the Yellow Sea. Unexpectedly, warehouse rack manufacturer ,Cantilever Storage rack, the Yellow Sea suddenly gave a loud shout and shook his hands to split the mountain with two palms. The palms were as fast as lightning, but it was a matter of silk without wind. Guan Tong was waiting to deceive himself, but was forced back by an inexplicable force. He could not help but be surprised. It turned out that what Huang Hai had done at this time was the palm method that had come out of his lifelong learning of "Windless Sword". Guan Tong was taken aback, and his body suddenly changed. He rushed straight at Huang Hai's palm. Huang Hai's palm came in from a wonderful direction, but Guan Tong snorted coldly, and his body accelerated more than times faster. With an unbelievable speed, he brushed Huang Hai's right shoulder ahead of his palm. Get inside! This was exactly the unique posture used by the Green Bat swordsman when he competed with Qin Yun in the flying skill. How could Huang Hai and others recognize him? They only felt that he had turned into a wisp of smoke in the fight. Huang Hai had thought that he would hit the target, but suddenly lost it. His internal force, which contained no wind, could no longer hold it. He fell forward and sat on the ground, panting like an ox. The Escorts and Zhang Bailong roared in unison, "Boy, stop!" Guan Tong turned around coldly. Huang Hai sat on the ground, his face dripping with sweat. He gasped, "White Dragon, go in and give him the Double Dragon Lily!" "Master.." said Zhang Bailong. "You needn't say more, disciple," said Huang Hai. "Hurry up.. We can't break our promise! Zhang Bailong had no choice but to go into the inner room. Guan Tong felt a strange feeling in his heart. He knew that the escorts must be staring at him angrily. He felt that he did not look back. He only stood in place with his hands on his back, looking at the shadows on the wall.
After a while, Zhang Bailong came out, holding a faded red cloth bag in his hand. He went to Guan Tong's side, snorted, and threw the red cloth bag at Guan Tong's feet. Guan Tong didn't even look at it. With a wave of his sleeve, he rolled the cloth bag in his hand, which was very natural and unrestrained. So he turned and strode out, not looking at the crowd, with a feeling of stuffiness in his heart, as if he felt that the room was very heavy, and he wanted to leave the house quickly. When he reached the door, he heard a roar: "Boy, look at the knife!" " As soon as he turned, he listened to the wind, reached out his hand, and a shining throwing knife fell into his hand. He turned around and saw Zhang Bailong standing beside his master like a mad tiger. All his eyes shot out volcanic anger. Guan Tong's eyes also showed a murderous look. He felt his blood flowing faster and faster in his body. That was the feeling when he wanted to kill people. He raised the throwing knife in his hand and was facing Zhang Bailong. Suddenly, however, Jiang Cihang's white-bearded face flashed through his mind. He took a long breath of air and slowly spit it out. With a "click", the throwing knife was broken in two by one of his hands. He walked quickly out of the door, walked quickly away, his mouth, has been murmuring tunnel: "I can not kill, I can not kill …" Or I'll lose. Luoyang, Luoyang is in sight. Guan Tong rode on the captured horse, galloping desperately, hiding the thousand-year-old rare medicine in his bosom, and felt infinite excitement in his heart. Influenced by the extreme thoughts of the Green Bat swordsman since he was a child, he did everything entirely for his own sake, never thinking about the good and bad of others. He was heartily excited by the success of the drug, but the pain of others could not touch his hard heart. The steed galloped wildly. This was the third horse. The one captured from the Yellow Sea in Datong had already fallen dead on the road. He would not have thought about it,radio shuttle racking, so he captured another one, and then replaced it with another horse. There were three horses in total. One day and one night, they were about to gallop to Luoyang. omracking.com