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"Young master, where are the ATMs and banks in this backwater?" The sun was already burning, and now when I heard his words without thinking, I felt that the top of my head was going to smoke. He spread out his hands. "I can't help it. I have no money." A look of unusual sincerity. Don't make fun of me here again! He was short of money, and she was more willing to believe that he was immoral and thoughtless. People's tolerance is limited, it is clear that Rong Yi has been forced by him to break out. I didn't lie to you. He honestly took out his wallet and opened it for her to see. He really couldn't see anything except the card. He never carried too much cash with him, and when he came, he didn't think much about anything, so he just put on his wallet and came. How did you get here without money? "Come here by car as soon as you get off the plane!" I really didn't expect that all the way is such a road, more than four hours of driving, an average of two or three minutes to change a sitting posture, and the bad smell in the car. For the first time in my life, I had the experience of vomiting in a car. Taxi? Looking at the way he nodded, she was only stunned. N city is conservatively estimated to be more than 500 kilometers away from here. A taxi with a starting price of 7 yuan is multiplied by more than 500. She only thinks he is a madman. Well, at first the driver wouldn't come? Said it was so remote. "Don't say anything. I'll lend you the money to go back." An ultimatum. Anyway, it's impossible for me to turn back. When he is stubborn, his jaw line is very tight, like a child who is willing to compromise no matter what. She looked at his hand holding his right leg and the yellow mud on his shoes, which she had called a "dirty pervert". In fact, it was not far from her home, and it took him more than two hours to walk here from the entrance of the village, pinching the time that Uncle Ah Jiu said just now. After thinking a lot, I suddenly felt sad. Turn around and walk in the direction you came from, saying as you walk, "You can come if you like, but don't blame me for not warning in advance, my house is not empty for idle people to live in, if you want to sleep, you can sleep on the ground.." The high ponytail fluttered with her movements, and he looked at her back quietly,multi disc screw press, smiling in the wind. In the summer afternoon, the unexpected darkness spread out, and lightning and thunder broke the calm and hot afternoon in the mountains. She looked at the dark clouds floating in the distance and knew that it would not be a good thing to meet him, but the quilt was still drying at home. She walked faster and faster, stopped in front of the narrow and steep path, and looked back at the figure behind her, whose eyes were a little hot. In fact, I have been afraid to look back, not to look, whether in my eyes or in my heart. Why did you stop? When he came up to her, his forehead was covered with sweat, and he was breathing heavily with his teeth. You Why are you walking so slowly? If you don't go, it's going to rain. The words came to my lips, but I couldn't say anything. Chasing a girl, perseverance. Too lazy to pay attention to him, filter nozzle ,Rotating sludge scraper, he strode forward, but the man behind him stood motionless, staring at the winding path in front of him. She took one look at the increasingly gloomy sky and turned back to him. "It's going to rain if you don't go, young master." After the rain, the muddy mountain road became more difficult to walk, and she was a little worried. Seeing that he had no movement, he took his right hand and dragged him forward. He did not expect her to have this movement, after a stupefied just instinctively want to break free, but was her palm temperature to soothe the restless heart, and finally there was no movement. He laughed grumpily. "Were you born in the year of horse?" But she seemed to be struck by lightning in the distance, and her whole body was stiff. This sentence, once upon a time, was also said by a person. Where is the person who brought her warmth in the cold night? The fingers that had clenched his hand slowly loosened and slipped feebly. He did not give her any chance, back to hold her palm, the cold temperature of his palm shook her heart, only to feel in the heat of a sudden rain wet her dry and restless heart.
After all, the thunderstorm came suddenly, washing the whole earth in a muddle, and the rain curtain drifted in the continuous peaks. She looked up at Li Xi, whose forehead was wet and close to his forehead, and laughed out loud, causing him to withdraw his diffuse eyes in the heavy rain. The simple hut, supported by only four pillars, was filled with straw and dry wood, and the two men only used the narrow corridor in the firewood to shelter themselves. It happened that the hut kept leaking, so Rong Yi had to tear off a large banana leaf from the banana tree next to him and hold it on his head with him. However, he did not flinch as she had imagined, but was generous and not embarrassed at all. What are you laughing at? When I was a child, I didn't like to carry an umbrella. Every time I go to school, even if it's so dark that it's about to drip water, I don't take it with me. I'd rather go out alone in the rain. I often get wet all over when I get to school. I'm as embarrassed as I can be. She came back with a distant memory in her voice. Fortunately, she was in good health that time, but it was really hard for her to spend a whole day with a wet person at the same table. Why don't you like to carry an umbrella? His eyes fell on the path in front of the latrine, and a small white chrysanthemum was bent down by the huge raindrops, but it still struggled tenaciously, quietly and proudly blooming, without any reason to stand up. Lazy. Later, I learned to be smart. Although I didn't take an umbrella, if it rained when I went home and after school, I always knew how to find a place to shelter from the rain or cover my head with something. Because one year the rainy season was particularly long, people always picked off their banana leaves, so that people had to come to my house to complain. She said with joy, but there was no heat in her eyes. There was a time when a man would go to her house in advance to wait for her whenever it rained, and always sent her back after school. In his memory, his umbrella was a very big umbrella, and she never got wet with him. Later, she gradually found that what he had given her was only an inch of land, and she thought it was the whole world,lamella tube, lost in it, searched for it, and finally died. khnwatertreatment.com