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Soon, an impression appeared on the crystal, and when Dr. Ashur wanted to see it clearly, he was hit by something. The head is the most fragile existence of the human body. Anyone who gets hit in the head will have a mild concussion, or see stars for a moment, or, a little more serious, be knocked unconscious, and Dr. Ashur will just see stars. He did not realize that he had been blackened, perhaps never thought of it, perhaps just a careless, that is, the end of being blackened, the crystal in his hand has not disappeared. At this moment he had a little memory, although those memories for him, is a bit cruel, Martina did not realize, did not expect that blow, actually Ashur nothing. This is also a superficial phenomenon, in fact, Dr. Ashur, are somewhat shaky, just holding their last breath, holding the things in their hands, this is the most important. Must not lose, the key time is very important, this moment Ashur is finally understand, it seems to be attacked by Martina, Martina some dumbfounded, for a woman. Do these things or some fear, sometimes simply can not do it, after all, Dr. Ashur is a man, at least much more powerful than her, this is a contradictory process. Heart struggle is particularly important, this moment is soul-stirring, "you, you actually dare to start?" Ashur, who finally came back,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, immediately understood what was going on and was furious. And now Martina has been silly, originally thought that Dr. Ashur would faint, then the next step is to take away the crystal, never thought he guessed the beginning, but did not think of the end. This is the most important, Dr. Ashur has moved, directly is a slap in the face, because the use of one hand, the other hand and crystal, so the balance is very unstable. A bad one was thrown down on the bed, fortunately still in bed at the moment, there was nothing to do, but Martina was different, was beaten by this slap, although already had plans. But after the arrival of things, it is a little nowhere to follow, "Ashur, I fight with you!" Do not think that Westerners are civilized people, they also have a barbaric side. Those dirty things who meet are shocked, if Zhang Yi is here, Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Wire, will be sent quickly, but this kind of battle is not suspense, Ashur in order to protect the crystal. So for a while the two were somewhat evenly matched, not to mention that this guy had just consumed a lot, if there was no accident, sooner or later Martina would have the upper hand, but this woman for fighting. Some of them are not very good at it, and their movements seem to be a bit dazzling. Hum! If you stop now, I'll pretend that nothing happened! Ashur is not a fool, see Martina at the moment, instantly understand the woman's intentions, do some too obvious, but now this situation. Can not let go so simple, this is Ashur's delaying tactic, as for the final result, can only be after the autumn accounts, his heart is so. But Martina is riding a tiger, he also wants to give up, but the crystal is still shining, if missed this good time, it is very sure to say that there is absolutely no next time. So now is not the time for Martina not to give up, but the two have torn their faces, to see who can stick to the end, Martina was slapped awake. The heart suddenly sobered up, especially those days that were destroyed, but it was not as simple as letting go. Today, it was like playing a joke on everyone. Both of them had a tacit understanding that they did not open their mouths. Dr. Ashur wanted to put up the crystal, holding this thing in his hand, the combat effectiveness was greatly reduced, and Martina stared at the crystal, but did not give up.
"I'll tell you today, if you don't give me the crystal, I'll see what I can do to you!" Martina, gnashing her teeth, was not polite to Ashur at all, just like that sentence, there is a reason to give up old and new hatred, which is too cheap for this guy. Everyone's thoughts are almost the same, Ashur will not let Martina go, originally only the last aftertaste, did not expect to let him into a crisis. Don't talk so much, I'd like to see who can have the last laugh! Since we can not convince everyone, then it is necessary to separate the results is not, Ashur is also not polite, for Martina, there is nothing to trust. Things turned out to be unexpected. Ashur was a little timid with the crystal, while Martina was not polite. They were like a pair of shrews. Everyone who saw this would probably laugh their heads off, but Martina and Ashur were staring at each other's hands and feet as if they had never heard of it. Ashur, who was holding the crystal, wanted to find clothes and put the crystal away first, so he could free up one hand to deal with Martina, which was much more convenient. But not now, Martina did not give him a chance, so the situation is still the same, did not change anything, but at this moment is a matter of life and death. If Dr. Ashur lost the crystal again, he would be so angry that he would hit the wall, and Martina also needed the crystal to do many things for the same purpose. But everyone's treatment is the opposite, the crystal is still in the hands of Dr. Ashur for the time being, but it does not mean that Martina has no chance, a family of two people. From today on, they turn against each other. This is the darkest scene in people's hearts. Whether Martina wins or Dr. Ashur gains the upper hand,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, it's nothing for everyone. Chapter 777 Nine Yin White Bone Claw. From today on, they turn against each other. This is the darkest scene in people's hearts. Whether Martina wins or Dr. Ashur gains the upper hand, it's nothing for everyone. sxthsteel.com