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Boss Gao: The gap between the "Artist Department" and the "Director" is a little big. It is suitable to embed a word. Feng Xiaolun: Congratulations. Luo Shaochen and Zhang Zhi both praised it. When Mr. Jiang touched it, he felt that the day Lily was cold. He was indignant. Why did he miss the chance to sing the praises of his wife at a meeting? You can't lose, and you can't lose. Mr. Jiang: a month later, another guesthouse opened. Xiao Zhou replied to Mr. Jiang:.. After yesterday's all-round trial of the big bed in the guesthouse suite, she saw that the guesthouse was full of discordant pictures. Three little ones finally decided to stay in Senwei. Zhang Jincheng and Wu Hehe felt very sorry, and when they said the decision, their two heads were almost connected to the ground level. However, they have been in Imaat for too long, and have experienced too many dashed hopes. If it's a C-level contract or above, they may dare to fight, but the new contract is simply a nightmare of the past. They are too eager to make their debut and become popular, and too afraid of repeating the same mistakes. Jin Lei, who lost one to two, stood behind unwillingly: "Sister Zhou,CSD filling line, if we are not happy here, can we go to find you?" "Anytime." Xiao Zhou raised his hand and touched his head. Touch it well! Then I couldn't help touching it again. Since you choose to stay, you will have to be more careful in the future. Xiao Zhou took out the contract they re-signed with Senwei after they won the championship. "This contract was drafted by me. There are many terms that are very beneficial to artists. I will explain it to you one by one now.". I'll tell you what the broker did to violate the contract, and if that happens, how you can leave evidence to protect your rights and interests. Chapter 106 Xiao Zhou is indeed an outstanding graduate of Normal University. He teaches people tirelessly. After eating a meal for ten minutes and talking for three hours,Beverage packing machine, the waiter came in and added water several times. Each person filled out an evaluation form. His eyes suggested that he was cramping before he sent him away. Xiao Zhou walked to the door with a heavy heart and turned back to draw a key point: "The whole contract is the key point." Three little ones: "… …" They feel that their heads are full of pits now, and whoever steps on them. It was a month after Xiao Zhou was promoted to be the director that he handed in his resignation. He straightened out all the things inside and outside the artist department before he talked to Chen Shu. The reason was what he had said to the three young people before. Chen Shu said with a look of regret: "After you left, I broke my right arm." Xiao Zhou comforted him: "In my heart, General Manager Chen is a man of God with three heads and six arms." …… Chen Shu immediately did not want to play, hypocritically congratulated her on her bright future, and then "humanized" to shorten the one-month resignation period, allowing her to leave after the handover. Xiao Zhou turned to say goodbye to his colleagues. After the final, Wang Xingyu adjusted at home for a while, and when he came back, his mentality changed completely. Suppose that if the speaker's name is referred to by the first letter of Pinyin, juice filling machine ,PET bottle Mold, she sometimes can't tell whether WXY refers to Wang Xingyu or Wang Xiyao-some of Wang Xingyu's words are very similar to Wang Xiyao's. Xiao Zhou asked her bluntly what she had been stimulated by. She said bluntly, "Can't you see that I'm already on your side?"? Those who are close to Zhu are red, and it is not normal for the same party to have similar tones. Now This side is going to retreat. Wang Xingyu looks at Xiao Zhou's eyes, just like Qin Xianglian looks at Chen Shimei, just to carve a "slag" word for her. Although unkind, but at that moment, Xiao Zhou really felt that he had let her down. On the day of the announcement, when she got off work, Wang Xingyu sacrificed his life to stop the elevator. Forty-eight kilograms of body, stepped out of the heavy feeling of fifteen strong men, Xiao Zhou shrank in the corner of the elevator, almost suffocated. Why didn't you say hello to me before you left? “…… Didn't I just call? "You didn't consult with me!" Xiao Zhou tried to call her reason: "Maybe because we are not so familiar with each other?" Wang Xingyu said angrily: "I have been dealing with Sun Zhaolin recently for you!" "Like what?" "Don't say hello to him, don't give him a good look, and speak to him!" It is a cavity of true feelings to pay the white eyed wolf by mistake.
Small week "be suddenly enlightened": "Oh, I say at the outset how do you do so to me, it is to be in originally deal with me. The elevator door opened and Wang Xingyu walked out angrily. Xiao Zhou followed her, hesitating to remind her that it was cold outside and she was not wearing a coat. The work was handed over quickly, and Chen Shu recovered part of it and gave part of it to Sun Zhaolin. In order to prevent Sun Zhaolin from "following in her footsteps" and losing his artists, he was not promoted to director, but "acting director". Xiao Zhou is also too lazy to care, with Wang Xiyao, the next day after leaving office to report to Yimat, was warmly welcomed. Xiaomei bought a bunch of sunflowers specially and put them in her office. Xiao Zhou was very moved: "I didn't expect my position in your mind to be so tall, like the sun!" "I didn't expect that either." Xiaomei said honestly, "I just thought we could eat melon seeds and gossip together again." Xiao Zhou: "… …" Boss Gao was absent in the morning, and as soon as he went to work in the afternoon, he called Xiao Zhou to the office. Xiao Zhou pulled out his chair and sat down. He looked around and sighed with emotion: "Boss Gao is really nostalgic.". Don't change your office even if you get promoted. Even if Ma Rui is still the chairman and needs an office, there is a similar office next to Ma Rui. Gao Qin said, "The geomantic omen there is not good." Xiao Zhou: "… …" Gao Qin casually gave her a document: "Here is a list, you first choose a few artists, the rest of you to others." Xiao Zhou opened the first page: Qiao Yihang.. "Did you take it by mistake?" She stood the folder on end and showed him the first page. Gao Qin did not lift his head: "If you don't like it, give it to others." Xiao Zhou took the page down directly, folded it and put it in his pocket,PET blowing machine, zipped it up. She also chose an actress who has been on the stage for many years and a teenager who has been on the stage for two years and has no sense of existence. The resources of the three artists do not overlap at all, which is more worry-free. After work, boss Gao suddenly dropped in and asked her how to arrange the evening. gzxilinear.com