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"Well I can't argue with you the younger generation" As long as you come out to apologize this matter will be exposed but if you are caught by me it will not be as simple as beating you Thunder you have to think about it! I'll give you a quarter of an hour after which the consequences will be self-imposed! Followed by standing in silence I waited for a long time without saying a word On the left about a dozen miles away suddenly there was a slightly hesitant voice of inquiry Is that true Shui Lingbo raised his eyebrows and looked happy in his eyes His mind spread out and locked on to where the sound came from The expression on his face softened Nature is true it can't be more true! "The fairy won't care if I try your knife" As long as you apologize you won't care! After all you are also crazy for martial arts you are such a military madman this fairy has seen a lot "Didn't the fairy care about scolding you as an old girl before" Shuilingbo's lips immediately spasmed clenched his fist and made a chirping sound but he held it back smiling as before Don't care! "But I've heard that you Tai yuan Fairy have a bad reputation and never keep your word" There was a trace of hesitation in his rough voice Shui Lingbo was slightly startled showing a look of puzzlement "Is there" I Shuilingbo have never kept my word "Then I'll think about it yes!"! I've scolded you before old witch Won't the fairy eat me "I don't eat people!" Shui Lingbo snorted already a little impatient "Do you come out in the end" That idea shuttle patrol unexpectedly to the moment did not find the real location of the thunder And that rough male voice is also ha ha a smile "Think carefully for a while since the fairy you can not find me then why should I come out" The fairy Home & Garden is really interesting If you cheat children with candy you will be invincible "Are you kidding me" As soon as the water waves and willow eyebrows frown the color of hostility in the eyebrows flashes again The expression is already close to mad "Kui you call yourself crazy knife in front of a woman also want to hide like a pump rat what kind of man" "Hey!"! A real man can bend and stretch can be soft and hard Who says that hiding is not a man Thunder moved a smile the voice was justifiably "You are an old girl who has not even touched a man how can you understand our big man's mind and amorous feelings" Shuilingbo was suddenly mad and three thousand hairs stood up upside down with thunder flashing between his eyebrows Very good! You won't come out will you Then I will throw you out today! Even if I turn the sea of clouds upside down I will catch you as a mouse! In the sky it turned out to be a gradual gathering of dark clouds Groups of turquoise runes emerged one after another behind Shuilingbo Countless thunder and lightning one after another gathered her figure completely wrapped in Gather bigger and bigger one Zhang three Zhang seven Zhang ten Zhang! Wait for the water Lingbo's eyes also show a trace of blue color China Suppliers countless thunder group impressively around the impact Permeate this hundred miles around unexpectedly a piece of area regardless of the consequences of the forced bombardment After only a dozen breaths I saw thunder flashing everywhere moving around and the whole sea of clouds here was a mess And Shui Lingbo's appearance is getting younger and younger at the moment Tell you to call me a witch an old girl! Do you have the guts to scold again If you have the ability you will hide all the time When our family catches you you must peel the skin and cramp unload eight pieces mix with pork and mutton and cook them together to feed the dog! "Our family is only twenty-nine!"! It's not my fault I can't find a monastic couple Obviously you men are incompetent and have no strength The more he said the more he hated it and the thunder gathered around Shuilingbo was several times larger and there was no sign of exhaustion The face is also a little younger and the whole figure is shrinking I was eighteen years old before but now I am about sixteen years old Just as the sea of clouds was booming a boat suddenly came slowly from the distance So it hung in midair and sailed above the sea of clouds On the bow of the boat stood a figure curling Tingting holding a red umbrella looking lazily ahead Staring for a moment the woman sighed slightly "Martial Uncle this guy has that Lingbao on his body"
Who in the world can find him as long as he hides in the sea of clouds Don't look at him crazily In fact he is very shrewd Why waste time with him here You've been chasing him for ten days in this sea of clouds and in the end you hurt him Maybe by now he's long gone Even if Martial Uncle really wants to catch this mouse he should go back to Martial Uncle's clan and take the Tai yuan Tian Jing to come here first! Shuilingbo was too Health & Medical lazy to pay attention to it and the lightning flashed wildly in his eyes but it was still a mass of thunder and he did not want to be like a soul and he exploded crazily in all directions Chapter 116 Shaking the World (the first one asks for a subscription and a monthly ticket) Shuiling bbō however was too lazy to pay attention to it In his eyes the lightning was flashing wildly and the six old defenses were a mass of thunder He didn't want to be like a hhún power He was exploding crazily in all directions Zhao Yanran chuckled and steered the boat at her feet "It doesn't matter to me" she said "But that Younger Martial Brother may be abducted and run away He has known each other for half a month Maybe there will be another chance to be taken in by those hermit clans Cloud Holy City is not far from Lingyun Zong but I heard that there is a Wuzun who lives in seclusion As soon as Shuiling B bō's face s sè changes the God depends on y yīn's sunshine Want to give up and some do not count Moments later finally a hum a flash of mouth and body to Zhao Yan ran on the boat and the next moment the eyes were behind the boat a stone attracted Zhan isn't this the meaning of the landscape knife that thunders the mouse It's really an eyesore huh Whose is the sword next to it It is cut by dozens of swords but it looks like the same sword It disassembles a kind of sword into dozens of brick structures without losing its true charm Gnaw tut the same is from the martial arts idea of the mountains and rivers can be much stronger than thunder! As long as the understanding is not bad you can understand something Who else could it be Naturally it is said that my Younger Martial Brother who has not yet started carved the stone with a sword in order to give the thunder some mmíjin Speaking of the back he saw that Shui Lingji's eyes were already shining trade-global.com