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Shao Xiner left XG by plane that night, and her parents personally took her to the airport. Looking at the plane that had already taken off, Shao Xiner's mother suddenly worried about her daughter's safety. Brother Hai, do you think anything will happen if Xiner takes such a long flight alone? I might as well send her myself or find someone to accompany her! This little girl is also true, now can not hear what happened to her brother, you see this just know a Feng accident a few hours ago, so anxious to go to France, see I am a little jealous of a Feng! Shao Xiner's mother nestled in her husband's arms and said worriedly. Do you think Ah Feng will trust his sister to fly alone? I guess there are at least two people on this plane who are sent by Hao Feng to protect our hearts, and maybe even more. Don't forget that since the last time our heart had an accident, Ah Feng put no less than 10 people around the heart, and it was 24-hour protection. Don't be jealous of Ah Feng. After all, he loves our daughter, and he loves her more than we do. Isn't that good? When we are old and leave this world, knowing that there is a person who cares and loves her so much, we will feel at ease even if we walk. Why did Xiner love his adopted brother so much? It was because Hao Feng cared about her with his heart, and she could feel it. Besides,Nail machine manufacturer, they spent billions of yuan on the crystal villa alone for our heart. I heard that the safety equipment in the villa alone cost hundreds of millions of yuan. In today's society, if you want to find a brother like Ah Feng, how many can you find? I'm really happy for our daughter. In fact, Shao Xiner's mother also knew, but sometimes she could not accept that her daughter was so close to others, and when she heard her husband's consolation,wire nail machine manufacturers, she smiled. Hao Feng knew that his sister was coming and watched the time to pick up Shao Xiner at the airport with Carson and Kim Byung-hun. As a member of the Wilson family, Carson enjoyed privileges in France. When he arrived at the airport, he was quickly invited to the VIP lounge by the head of the airport. Brother-in-law, I heard my sister say that your adopted sister is very naughty, and she is also very good at punishing people. If anyone accidentally offends her, she will think of ways to punish each other. Is that right? Carson sat in the VIP room, drinking coffee provided in the VIP lounge of the airport, and asked Hao Feng. It's not as serious as your sister said. She's just playing with her familiar things, and she won't do anything to you. You can rest assured. Your sister, that's scaring you! Hao Feng heard Carson's question and answered with a smile and explanation. Master Carson, the flight you're waiting for has arrived. This way, Automatic nail machine ,High Speed Nail Making Machine, please. The service staff in the VIP room received a call from the airport service office, knowing that the flight waiting for several people in the VIP room had arrived, and hurriedly told Carson and several others. Brother, why did you come to pick her up in person? Aren't you hurt? Let the heart see where it hurts first. As soon as Shao Xiner got out of the cabin door, she saw her brother Hao Feng waiting for her under the winding ladder. She quickly ran down the winding ladder and hugged him tightly in front of him. She was reluctant to let go for a long time and asked with heartache. How can my brother get hurt so easily? Don't you think your brother is fine? You don't listen to your brother now. You're not allowed to come. Are you exhausted after dozens of hours on the plane? Come on, my brother will take you to eat something delicious first, and then go back to the hotel to rest. Hao Feng was very happy to see his sister, but on the surface he pretended to be very angry and blamed him. Ha ha, this is not worried about the elder brother, you forgive the heart this time, okay? Brother, won't you introduce me to the two brothers around you? It seems that Shao Xiner followed Hao Feng is also influenced by what he sees and hears, ah, unexpectedly also learned her brother's topic transfer method, said to change the topic. Look, I'm talking to you, and I forgot to introduce you. This is Carson, the younger brother of your sister Connie. Next to him is Kim Byung-hun, the younger brother of your sister Wang Rui. He brought his girlfriend to France to watch the World Cup and happened to meet me in a bar.
I'll introduce you to a beautiful sister later, that is, your brother Kim Byung-hun's girlfriend. Hao Feng smiled and said with her sister. The arrival of Shao Xiner made Hao Feng in a good mood, and there was no time to find the trouble of the police officer Li Ke. But the fact that Hao Feng did not bother him did not mean that the matter was over. Under the pressure of the Wilson family, the French government not only arrested Officer Rico, but also sent Senator Zhan to prison by the French prosecution under the large amount of evidence provided by Hao Feng's intelligence organization. Time passed quickly, the World Cup has come to an end, although Hao Feng did not ask about the team's affairs, but Ji Bingwen did a very good job, and the cooperation between the players is also quite tacit understanding, so the Chinese team has been as a black horse through five passes and six generals into the World Cup finals, the final opponent is Italy. Brother-in-law, we can agree that if the Chinese team can not win, you can give me back the money I lost in gambling! I'm a pauper. I don't have much money! Carson has never returned home since he picked up Hao Feng from the Paris police station. He has been wandering around several big cities in France with Hao Feng and several others. In the final World Cup final, he followed Hao Feng to buy a bet on the victory of the Chinese team. I don't care. I didn't encourage you to follow me to buy the Chinese team to win? Besides, what if we win? Do you share equally with me? What a slippery boy you are! No matter where Hao Feng goes, as long as she sits down and holds her sister Shao Xiner in her arms, Shao Xiner has long been used to her brother holding her like this,Nail production machine, so wherever she goes, she is used to hiding in her brother's arms, because she feels that only her brother's arms are the safest place. Stop talking and start. 3shardware.com