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"What?" Fei Dongdong's eyes suddenly narrowed, and he glanced obliquely at Fei Huo, who almost buried his head in his rice bowl, and said slowly, "Then next time you do it, I don't mind letting the virtuous." Is this sentence, non-fire this time only dare to mutter in the stomach, Dongdong is really too immodest, do they want to eat a lifetime of × × fried meat? ×××××××××××××××××× The next morning, Fei Dongdong was the first to be awakened by a violent knock on the door. Of course, she may not be the first to wake up, but apparently she was the only one willing to get up and open the door. I haven't slept so comfortably for a long time. Fei Dongdong stretched out a big lazy waist and walked slowly to the door. Lying on the door, looking out through the cat's eye, a deformed big head appeared in front of him. Well, the man with glasses is about thirty years old. He is slightly bald on the top of his head. He is slightly fat. His skin is a little white and he is a little short. He looks very impatient and knocks the door very hard. Who is it? Fei Dongdong looked up, straightened up, and asked lazily. I am from the Base Research Institute. Today, I received a notice from Captain Chen of the Public Security Management Section that several of you are willing to cooperate with the Institute. President Lu wants to talk to you. "But everyone is sleeping." With that, Fei Dongdong yawned again and said, "Uncle, you can come back in the afternoon, or tomorrow." "What time is it to get up?" The man outside the door said impatiently. "Open the door first." "Don't you know, uncle?" Fei Dongdong said,side impact door beams, "For children, sleep is the most important thing, and they can't grow tall without sleep." The middle-aged man outside the door became more and more impatient. He slapped the door twice and shouted, "You open the door first. Do you know how to be polite? How can you talk to the guests through the door?" "Well, so fierce!" Fei Dongdong said, "No, I said, come back in the afternoon, if you shout again,Precision steel tubes, we won't go!" With that, Fei Dongdong ignored it and ran back to the room, leaving the sound of footsteps clearly outside the door. The middle-aged man, already full of anger, snorted coldly and turned away. At the window, Fei Dongdong saw the man enter the gate of the inner city angrily, with a slight curl at the corners of his mouth and a sly smile. Chapter 50: New Abilities for Non-Fire Chapter 50: New Abilities for Non-Fire Seeing the smile on Dongdong's face, Feihuo, who had just come out of his room, glanced at her strangely and asked, "Dongdong, aren't we going into the inner city?"? Why did you get rid of that guy? "Guess!" Fei Dongdong proudly raised his little face, the morning sun fell on her delicate facial features, big eyes as if there were stars flashing, beautiful people can not move their eyes. Night Li reclined in the bedroom door, quietly looked at the girl at the window for a while, precision welded tubes ,aluminium coated tubes, suddenly opened his mouth, "Dongdong, the people of the research Institute are estimated to come back in the afternoon, why don't we go to the trading center here later?" "Good." Fei Dongdong nodded and began to prepare breakfast in the kitchen. Feihuo looked at the two men who were playing dumb riddles and shouted discontentedly, "Hey, you two guys don't flirt with each other. Ye Li, did you guess it or not? Tell me quickly." Ye Li sat down at the table and said, "Actually, it's very simple. Dongdong is showing weakness." "Show weakness!" Non-fire scratched his head in puzzlement. "Is it a sign of weakness to make that man angry?" "Yes, it's a sign of weakness to imply that I'm stupid, impulsive and easy to bully," Ye Li said. "Yesterday we refused to join the military, which is actually a contrary thing, because in this situation, it's obviously better to join the military and get privileges and protection than to be an experiment." Night Li Wei paused and drank some water before continuing, "The dean of the research Institute must have doubts, so he sent a man who was obviously not suitable for public relations to test us.". Dongdong's performance just now was to give the dean an explanation: We don't want to go to the army, but we don't want to go to the research Institute either. For a girl who is still a student, it is a natural idea to work hard to come to the base. Such a girl who hesitates to do things is actually quite easy to control.
” Hearing this, Feihuo tilted his head and looked at the little girl who was frying eggs in the kitchen. He sighed and said, "It's really a big change for a woman. At the beginning, the little girl who told a lie for three days has degenerated like this." Whoosh, a steel spoon flew over like lightning, and the target was the forehead of the non-fire. As soon as the non-fire's eyes froze, the steel spoon suddenly disappeared one meter away from him, and the next moment, the steel spoon had appeared in the palm of the non-fire. Eh? Fei Dongdong raised his eyebrows, looked at Fei Huo with great interest, and asked, "Are you promoted, too?" You know, the higher the level of power, the more difficult it is to be promoted. If non-fire space power wants to be promoted, it not only needs to increase the concentration of spiritual power to a certain extent, but also needs appropriate opportunities and insights. It is impossible to be promoted to the third level in just one month, even if there is a strange fruit acceleration, without far more willpower and diligence than ordinary people. Feihuo nodded and said, "Well, I've learned a new trick. It looks like it's similar to collecting, but it's very different in essence. Would you like to try it?" Ye Li reached out and took out eight pieces of Dongdong's newly completed round flying blades. These flying blades made of biological metal generated by psychedelic thorns are sharper and lighter. He can now control the eight pieces of flying blades to easily kill any target within a range of 50 meters. It's not fire. I'll try. Night Li is greatly interested, the voice falls, eight pieces of flying blade already quietly toward the non-fire force. One meter away from the non-fire, the eight flying blades disappeared almost at the same time, and the next moment, they had appeared behind Ye Li's body, castrated unchanged, but the target had become Ye Li. Just as the flying blade was about to touch the night Li, it suddenly whirled, and all the flying blades almost narrowly bypassed his body, scattered in midair, and continued to attack the non-fire from all sides. Still one meter away from the non-fire,beam impact tubes, all the flying blades seemed to have crashed into a boundary and reappeared behind the night Li. Eight flying blades were stacked neatly in the air, one after another, and fell into the hands of the night Li. cbiesautomotive.com