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Young frowned with a sudden smile, looked at her face, and said with a smile, "I'm just thinking about you when you're 40 years old.". But why does Salma keep a straight face? Can't laugh tonight? Without waiting to talk much, the two clapped their hands vigorously. Mexican work. "The Sin of Father Amaro." Carlos Carrera. "People's Republic of China, Hero, Zhang Yimou," Salma said as the sound system played the clatter of swords and two red Chinese characters were displayed on the big screen. The applause from the audience became louder, Wang Yang and Jessica continued to applaud vigorously, and most of the guests around clapped their hands. But Wang Yang is not optimistic about the film to win the award, a film itself, he saw that the lens picture is very beautiful, but the plot and other aspects are too complex, clues Ling 1uan, even if he has a great understanding of Chinese culture and history of Chinese Americans, watching all feel that this is a film designed for the Oscar. The story becomes its Achilles heel, but the picture is really good. Second, there is a serious lack of publicity in the United States. You should know that the effective judges of the Oscar this year are more than 56oo. If you want to be relatively fair,38 needle valve, at least others should know and be familiar with this work, but Hero has not yet been released. In that case, some non-academic judges can't even see whether some of the reviews are good or bad after watching the film. Good reviews can help them appreciate the film and make some good impressions, which directly affects the results. Finnish work, "The Man Without a Past", Aki Kaurismaki. Salma continued to speak to applause. Kaurismaki,stainless steel needle valve, who was not present because she was protesting the war, read: "German work, Love in Africa, Caroline Link.". Dutch piece? Paula van der Oost. "The winning work is." She lowered her head to open the envelope, took out the winning paper, looked at it with an expressionless face and read: "Love in Africa." The venue immediately burst into thunderous applause. Wang Yang and Jessica looked at each other and clapped with a slight shrug. Salma seemed unhappy and said, "Congratulations to Caroline Link and accept the award on her behalf. Thank you!" She said with a smile and turned to go backstage. As soon as the best foreign language film results came out, fans from several unsuccessful countries were disappointed. In the studio, several guests also discussed the reasons for the failure of Hero. Cheng Qingsong said: "I think this is totally expected. Hero also participated in the Berlin Film Festival before, and did not win the award." Zeng Zihang said: "The Golden Globe Award has also fallen." Cheng Qingsong commented: "It's very empty. The theme is very far-fetched. Peace is what everyone calls for. Hero is in the name of this, but this film is not up to it." Wang Lei agreed with the tunnel: "It's good to take out ttng in all directions, but it's not the case together. It feels very stiff and looks very uncomfortable." Ceng Zihang says suddenly: "Another award result was born, best sound award awarded" Chicago ". "Chicago has won four awards so far, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, and as some media have predicted, it will revive American musical films in an all-round way. Musical films used to be very brilliant, but they haven't won an Oscar in recent years." As soon as Zeng Zihang finished speaking, Wu Shixian said: "In fact, a few years ago, the song and dance net has been revived, and the newspaper commentary in the United States can not ignore it when it comes to this topic." Cheng Qingsong nodded and said, "Yes, at that time, Song and Dance Net caused a great sensation, and its commercial value and effect were not comparable to Chicago." Zeng Zihang looked at the screen and said, "a netizen provided a very old English report. At that time, Wang Yang said in an exclusive interview, 'I think the new era of musical films has arrived. Let me start.'" Reports are not optimistic about him, saying that he will die, did not expect today's musical film really to rewrite history. The ceremony continued after Jennifer Garner, dressed in a pink sè evening gown, introduced The Hours.
Diane Lane went on stage to present the award for best documentary feature. After talking about the shortlist, she looked at the envelope and said with a smile, "Bowling for Columbine!" "Michael Moore and Michael Donovan!" She shouted excitedly. There was an immediate burst of screaming cheers and thunderous applause. Michael Moore, the fat winner, stood up and reached out to call many candidates to the podium. Many guests around him laughed and applauded. Then there was a whole film, Scorsese, Kidman, Nicholson.. Wang Yang, Jessica, Downey and others also stood up and applauded to pay tribute to Michael Moore. It's not just calling the candidates, it's the fact that Bowling for Columbine is an excellent study of the shooting in the United States, and Michael Moore is a man who dares to expose the truth, and his strong anti-war voice before is also a reason for winning the prize. Thank you, thank you very much. The crowd walked onto the stage to accept the award amid applause. Michael Moore accepted the Xiao gold medal and gave it to his wife. He held his glasses to cover his nose and looked at the more than 3,000 people in the audience. He said, "On behalf of our producer Katherine Glyne and Michael Donovan from Canada, I would like to express my gratitude for this award."! I invited all the documentary nominees to the stage. A burst of applause interrupted him, and Michael Moore huffed a few times and continued: "We're doing this to show solidarity.". They are standing here, and I am standing here, because we do not like virtual things, we do not like but we live in the false. We elected a fake president with a fake election result.. "Wow!" The quiet audience suddenly burst into screams, modest applause, and some angry boos and shouts: "Oh n!" Most of these voices came from the audience sitting in the upper class,12 needle valve, while the celebrity guests were silent and did not show their views under the live camera that swept over at any time, but the big screen of the stage was always aimed at Michael Moore, who was more and more moving. chinaroke.com