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"He's really a crafty old man. I should have been more on his guard." "He looks like a man who strives for the best, works hard and is full of enthusiasm." All the superior officials were hoodwinked by him. Who would have thought that he was so hypocritical? "It was a great lesson." Baji looked very depressed. At least, we already know where the danger lies. "You're right." Bucky felt the same way. "Although your teacher Blarney is irreplaceable, I may be able to help a little." "I was too conceited to think that when I became prime minister, I would soon be able to control the overall situation, but the United States has set up many barriers, I am afraid I do not have any real power." "If all your subordinates think so, then your position will be in danger.". You're the prime minister, and you're in charge of everything. "But all my decisions were blocked by Mei Feng's minions." "You have to go around the obstacle." "How to go around?" Every department has an important person with rich experience, but the position is not necessarily the highest. Find this person to lean on, so that you can know everything about the work of the executive branch. Baji gave him a few names, ordered some details, and then tinkled, "You must be very careful when you explain to the Pharaoh. Ramses is very clever. No one can fool him." "If I encounter difficulties,warehouse storage racks, I hope I can listen to your opinions more." "Although my home is not as luxurious as yours, you are welcome to come to me at any time." The mind is much more important than the appearance. Are you feeling better? "Your wife is a great doctor, but it's a pity that my patient is sometimes disobedient." "You take good care of yourself." "I'm a little tired, and I think it's time to leave." "Before I send you back, I want to confess one thing to you: I have seen your daughter." "So you know." "Neferri asked me to come forward, and of course I was duty-bound." Baji seemed unhappy,cantilever racking system, and Pazar quickly explained: "This is by no means a privilege.". You are a former prime minister and deserve procedural respect. It is my duty to solve this problem for you. "How did my daughter react?" "There is no need for a court session.". You can keep your house, and she can borrow money from me to build her own house. Now that she has got her wish, your family can get along well with each other again. What about you? Just wait to be a grandfather. "You've given me too much good news all of a sudden, Prime Minister Pazar," said Baji, whose serious expression suddenly disappeared. "It's nothing compared to what you've done for me." Chapter 10 of the main text The great market in Memphis is full of people every day, some doing business, some talking about right and wrong. There are a lot of chatty women in the market, and they take advantage of their business to talk endlessly. Occasionally, people argue at the top of their voices, industrial racking systems ,wire mesh decking, but in the end, they can get the deal done and everyone is happy. The chief of police and the baboon police also came to the market square. As soon as the killer appeared, the thieves did not dare to act rashly, while Cam pricked up his ears, hoping to know from the conversation of the ordinary people. In addition, he would quietly ask informants in jargon. One day, Kim came to a vendor of wrist products and wanted to buy a goose that had been air-dried and tied into a jar. But the peddler sitting on the straw mat bowed his head and ignored him. Are you sick? Cam asked. Worse than being sick. "Stolen?" "Just look at my merchandise." The earthen pots placed on the ground are made of clay produced in central Egypt. They are not only decorated with beautiful garlands, but also attractive in bright blue appearance. This kind of jar is used to preserve food and works very well. Kem looked at the label: "There's water, there's wine, but there's no meat." The loan was not delivered. The vendor admitted, "It's really miserable." "Why?" I don't know. Transporters come empty anyway. I've never had such bad luck! "Are there any other similar situations?" "All your peers are the same!"! Some people have sold off some of their stock, but no one has been able to get in new stock.
” "Maybe it's just a time delay." "If there is no more goods tomorrow, I promise there will be a riot." Cam did not dare to take this incident lightly, because the rich needed meat to hold a banquet, and the poor needed dried fish to live on. So he himself went to the warehouse where the meat jars were stored. The man in charge of the warehouse was staring at the Nile with his hands behind his back. "What's going on?" Kem asked. "There have been no cargo ships in port for eight days." "And you didn't report it to your superiors!" "Of course I do." "To whom?" "My immediate superior: Wrist Cargo Officer." "Where can I find him?" "His workshop is near the slaughterhouse of Putah Temple." Usually, butchers in slaughterhouses have to pluck the feathers of geese and ducks hanging on long poles, clean their internal organs, stain their legs, and then store them in large earthen cans with labels. Today, everyone is drinking beer and chatting. Seeing this, Cam asked, "Why don't you do anything?" "We have ducks and geese and earthen pots, but no salt." One of them replied, "We don't know anything. You go to the person in charge." The pickle officer was a short, fat man, almost bald at the top of his head, and he was playing dice with his assistant. As soon as he saw the chief of police and the baboon, he naturally had no intention of playing, but said in a trembling voice, "It's not my fault." "Did I say it was your fault?" "But you're all here." "Why don't you send the salt to the butcher?" "Because there is no salt to send." "Make it clear." Originally, salt came from two sources: the Nile Valley and the oases. After the hot summer, the spittle of the God Seto solidified on the ground near the river, and the whole ground was white. Because the salt contained an ingredient that could have set the temple stone on fire,mobile racking systems, it was quickly collected. In Memphis, we also use salt from the Oasis because we make a lot of wristbands. But now, there's nothing. "Why?" 。 jracking.com