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Guard outside the servant hurriedly trotted out, but not much time to return, it is trembling at the man way: "Your Highness, there's only one left who can wait on you!" "What?" The prince snorted, and then stepped up his speed and twitched a few times, until he let out a long sigh of satisfaction. Then he said with regret, "Then send that one here!" Hearing this command, the palace slaves hurried forward and dragged all the naked, dead and panting girls on the bed to the ground and rolled them into the mat. Then he picked up a few sober people to put on clothes, and then dragged them out of the house. Below the belly, it's your nightmare. Not long after, another girl was stuffed into the gauze tent, and all the palace slaves retreated, but no one noticed that when the last corner of the gauze tent was put down, the girl's eyes were showing a strange look. When the man on the couch saw someone coming again, he climbed forward with a lewd smile, grabbed the girl's collar, and made a gesture to tear off the clothes that did not cover her body. This girl is very strange, not only did not see other people dodge, but take the initiative to lean forward, a soft body,Flushometer valve, the whole person is covered on the man. The man was stupefied at first, then burst out laughing, and the laughter resounded through the whole Eryong Pavilion Hall. All the people who heard it knew in their hearts that it must be the girl who was finally sent to please His Highness the Prince. But no one expected that after the laughter, the girl who was unanimously considered to be the most beautiful girl in the slave room would forever become a nightmare for the prince of Yan Chi. The girl leaned against the prince, and the man's big hands stroked her behind her honestly and unceremoniously, and he did not shy away from drooling on the girl's shoulder. She frowned, endured the nausea in her heart, and began to move her little hand down slowly. The man was moved,Self-closing Shower Valve, and in this case the girl made such an action, and he thought with his toes and understood what she was going to do. Sure enough, the girl's hand soon slipped below the abdomen, the man mixed a tremor, comfortable to the extreme to send out a long shout, then can no longer help, attached to the lower body to crush the girl on the couch. However, after the girl's fingers were attached to the target object, they quickly turned their palms into claws. The little finger and the ring finger were clasped to the palm at the same time, leaving only the first three fingers on the top, and they suddenly exerted their strength to hit the root. The man was shocked and looked up hurriedly, but just met the girl's eyes like a cheetah. He immediately realized that something was wrong and was about to shout out for help, but at that moment, the girl's other hand quickly raised, so fast that he could hardly see the process, Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin ,Prison toilet for sale, only felt a cold wind passing by, then a pain in his neck, the next moment, he opened his mouth wide, but could not make a sound. Dissolute people deserve retribution! The girl smiled coldly, clapped her hand at his neck, and brought out a very ordinary embroidery needle. She threw the needle casually, and then one side of her lips went up, but she heard her say: "Those who indulge in debauchery deserve retribution!" After that, the three fingers suddenly exerted their strength, only to see the blue veins on the man's forehead bulging and his eyes bulging like goldfish. At this time, the girl's arm suddenly pulled outward, accompanied by a stream of blood, but it was to break the man's lifeblood. The man's dumb hole was sealed, but it was still at such a time that he let out a groan of pain from his abdominal cavity. The girl was clever enough to open her mouth at the right time and throw out a sentence softly: "Let the maidservant serve you well." The voice was so controlled that it could be heard by the palace slaves outside the door. And the prince's cry of pain, at the moment they want to come, is also the normal catharsis of lust, there is no unreasonable place. After the man groaned, he fell into a complete coma. The girl threw the thing in her hand in front of him, got up and stayed, washed her blood-stained hands in the basin beside her, looked around, and finally jumped out of the back window. After landing, he turned quickly, found a quiet corner and stuffed his body into it. This place is not big enough to accommodate the body of a 10-year-old child. Because of this, the imperial guards who had just walked past a group of patrols did not even look here.
The scorpion breathed a sigh of relief, and the tense spirit relaxed a little for a while. She did not know what had happened, and when she opened her eyes again, she was being carried into the room just now. I thought this was another conspiracy, the beginning of the enemy's humiliation of himself. But when she was thrown into bed, when she saw her tiny hands and feet, a strange thought suddenly rose from her mind. She did not ignore the difference of the room, the man's long hair, the strange dress of the two people who brought her in, and the bodies of the girls outside the door who had not yet been sent away. Something's wrong with the palace So, she resolutely made a move to understand the absurdity. Her mind, like a master computer, was running fast, but for this change, she finally had to search out two words from a field that belonged to the entertainment category: "time travel". The officer said that no matter where you go, no matter what happens, you can be frightened, but you must control this subtle psychological change in the shortest possible time. As an agent, if you can't calm yourself down as quickly as possible, the possibility of failure will rise exponentially and eventually destroy the whole operation. The scorpion rubbed his temples and looked at his little hands. Did not expect to be infected with blood so soon, did not expect to change their way of life, fate or will "kill" as a meeting gift to her in front. She was not afraid of killing, but for a moment,Concealed Flush Valve, she felt that her fate was lamentable. Does it mean that her lucky life is still tied to a bloody struggle? Does it mean that the beginning of this life is just a repetition of the power and conspiracy of the previous life? Shaking her head helplessly, no matter what the result is, she always has to avoid the disaster in front of her first. cnkexin.com