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"Boss, are you going to shoot?" Seeing that the mermaid was about to enter the sea, his men hesitated to ask the boss who was still expressionless. Nope Only one word came out of his mouth. Yang Hao's face was expressionless. He watched Yang Qingyu move his body with difficulty, cross the side of the ship and throw himself into the sea. But Old, boss, once the mermaid enters the sea, we are not ready to catch the team. This I'm afraid.. His men stammered a little because of nervousness. Uh Yang Hao is noncommittal. Really do not understand what their eldest brother is thinking, his men simply no longer care about the mermaid worth a full $1.8 billion, put their attention on Adrian's side of the hands, with Yang Hao for so many years, he naturally can see how angry their eldest brother is, if at this time let Adrian's people easily leave from their own hands. I'm afraid I'm the one who can't eat. …… Very good Yang Hao watched Yang Qingyu jump into the sea from the boat, splashing a lot of spray. He laughed back angrily: "Adrian, you are really good." Adrian and Yang Hao witnessed the whole process of Yang Qingyu's escape. He refused his advice to shoot at Yang Qingyu. He watched his favorite fish escape from Yang Hao and himself into the boundless sea. Adrian was in the fish business, and he naturally knew how slim the chance of catching the same mermaid again was. So when he saw Yang Qingyu enter the water,Heme Iron Polypeptide, he cast his eyes on the opposite place where Yang Hao was. Ha I didn't kill you, and I made you lose your favorite fish. With a sneer, Adrian almost said to himself, "Yang Hao, even if none of the old guys in the Blair family dare to touch your edge,S Adenosyl Methionine, I, Adrian, am not afraid of you. Don't you still have to give me back what you took from me?!" "Go." Yang Hao turned a warm finger wrench on his right thumb and did not know who he was saying: "I'm really curious about who gave you the courage." Yang Qingyu escaped unexpectedly. From leaving the cabin to jumping into the sea, it was like an unreal dream, until his body felt the cold temperature of the sea before he suddenly realized that he had really escaped from Yang Hao's hands! Freedom again is absolutely a gift from God. Yang Qingyu can't imagine what he would do if Adrian came a little late and Yang Hao had put on the locator for him. But there is no if in the world. Yang Hao did not put a locator on him, nor did anyone stop him from escaping. He finally returned to the strange and familiar sea water after countless hardships for a long time! At the moment of diving into the sea, Yang Qingyu began to keep diving, swinging his slender fish tail, like a spirit favored by the sea God, swimming sensitively in the sea. The sea area where Yang Hao brought him is very deep. After swimming for a long time, Yang Qingyu did not reach the end. He looked around at the scenery that had been completely dark, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, and his mind was still unable to react-he really escaped?!! Yes, he had escaped, and the small fish that passed between his hands and the familiar darkness around him seemed to answer his answer-he had left the confinement of mankind and returned to the sea, and no one would cut off his nails, smooth his teeth, and imprison his freedom. Ecstasy swept over Yang Qingyu, who hugged his fish tail and kept circling in the deep sea like a dog chasing his tail, disturbing the current around him. So happy.. Really happy!!! Unspeakable joy makes Yang Qingyu keep swimming in the sea, he spits one bubble after another, opens his hands to let himself sink slowly into the deeper sea. So what now? Yang Qingyu, who had no idea that he could easily escape, seriously considered the future at the moment. He grabbed a transparent jellyfish and stuffed it into his mouth. He thought, Yue Ze doesn't know if he is still in that sea area. When he returns to that place, can he still see Yue Ze? I don't know.. Will he be worried about himself.
The concern in his heart made Yang Qingyu's empty heart suddenly full, and he thought that maybe he should go back and see the black facial paralysis fish first. As long as in the sea, the mermaid is the king, even Yang Qingyu such a small white fish who does not know anything, also easily felt this body intrepid quality. After thinking of looking for Yue Ze, Yang Qingyu went on his way. If he was still alone, he had neither a navigator nor the exact coordinates of Yue Ze. Looking for Yue Ze was like looking for a needle in a haystack, and he didn't know when to find it. But now Yang Qingyu didn't have to worry about the direction at all, because he had a strange intuition. Just like the magnetic field in the carrier pigeon, Yang Qingyu easily relied on the strange intuition in his mind to move towards his destination. He even knew clearly that he had several routes to choose. The only fly in the ointment was Yang Qingyu's bitter teeth and nails. The teeth and nails of the mermaid are extremely fierce weapons. They are not only sharp but also very hard. Coupled with the sound of death from the throat, there are few rivals in the sea. Moreover, the physical quality of the mermaid is also very tough, so it is completely at the top of the marine biological chain. But Yang Qingyu is now in a very awkward situation, his cut nails are recovering very slowly, nearly half a year has only grown a little bit, almost negligible, and the flattened teeth are even worse, and there is no sign of recovery. I don't know what the humans who operated on him used to break his nails and teeth, which could easily cut off stones. If it is just nails and teeth, but Yang Qingyu's voice now can not even send out the most basic infrasound, once he tries to make a sound,L Methylfolate Factory, his throat will be extremely painful, so he can only use his speed advantage to catch prey, completely unable to see the fierce overlord in the sea. pioneer-biotech.com