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"Well, I don't know what to call you." Zi Che clasped his fists in return and opened his mouth in a deep voice. He saw at a glance that the three of them were headed by the man holding the animal skin. This man was not weak in cultivation, and he was about the middle stage of opening the dust. As for the two next to it, it was the beginning of the opening of the dust. I don't have any reputation in Haidong Zong. Brother Ziche won't have much interest in knowing about it. The auction will be held tomorrow. Please come with me, Brother Ziche and Miss Bai Su. I'll take you to my residence for a rest. The man holding the animal skin smiled and shook his head. When he opened his mouth, his eyes flashed and he looked at Su Ming. But this brother is a little unfamiliar, and if he doesn't have an invitation, he can't step into this place. Between his words, the two people beside him looked more and more indifferent and looked at Su Ming. The car frowned, stepped forward, and was about to speak. Su Ming opened his eyes calmly and looked at the three men in front of the puppet beast. With a wave of his right hand, the invitation card immediately turned into a rainbow and flew straight to the man holding the animal skin. The speed of the invitation was so fast that it set off a roar that seemed to cut through nothingness. The man holding the animal skin suddenly changed his look and galloped back. But before he could take two steps out, the invitation was already close to his eyebrows. The speed did not stop at all. It seemed that he was going to penetrate directly from his eyebrows. Just as the pupil of the man holding the animal skin contracted, his body suddenly burst out with a strong momentum, and his body was filled with black gas, forming a pair of armor similar to Su Ming's armor, but the details were different. Nevertheless, but this armor, is still a real God armor, in the moment of its appearance, a sudden spread of pressure,tile trim manufacturers, making the man's hair windless automatic, but its look is still shocked. Because the invitation, at such a rapid pace, suddenly stopped three inches between the man's eyebrows and floated there motionless, as if all the preparations of the man holding the animal skin were of no use, even if he was not prepared, even if he remained standing there motionless,stainless steel edging strip, the invitation would not harm him. With a gloomy look on his face, he suddenly looked at Su Ming, who looked at him calmly on the puppet beast. At the moment when their eyes touched in midair, the man holding the animal skin suddenly roared in his mind, staggered and stepped back a few steps. All this happened in an instant, so fast that the two companions beside the man had not yet come and reacted, and now they looked angry, but they were frightened by the impact of the speed of the invitation. The car is also a shock in the heart, he did not expect this ordinary person to come, unexpectedly is a God, this person is either really in Haidong Zong has no reputation, or. Is to deliberately hide the identity, in this patrol team, secretly observe every coming disciple of Tianhan Sect. Unfortunately, he met Su Ming! "This is an invitation." Su Ming opened his mouth calmly, aluminium tile trim profiles ,stainless steel edge trim, and his words were not slow. The man holding the animal skin was pale, and after a moment of silence, he did not immediately go to get the invitation, but clasped his fist at Su Ming. I don't know how to call you Ao Chentai in the east of the sea. "The ninth peak, Su Ming." Su Ming did not hide, said slowly. As soon as Ao Chen-tai's expression changed, he looked at Su Ming carefully and was about to speak. But at that moment, among the many leather tents on the ground, there were more than ten leather tents decorated with golden patterns. A middle-aged man came out of one of the golden leather tents. The man was wearing a purple robe, his face was white, his eyes were like lightning, and his body shook and stepped into the void. Before he arrived, laughter came first. It turned out to be the person of the ninth peak. Chen Tai retired. The ninth peak needs to be received by the old man personally. The state has recovered a little, in recent days to make up for yesterday's chapter, ask for a recommendation ticket! Volume II Chapter 299 Sorry. Ao Chen-tai stepped back and bowed respectfully to the man in purple robe who was coming. I've seen the elders. The two companions beside him, also with a respectful look at the moment, had a visit. With a smile on his face, the purple-robed man stepped into the void and came to the front of the puppet beast. Instead of looking at the car and Bai Su, he looked at Su Ming and nodded with a smile.
"Are you a new disciple of the elder Tianxiezi?" Su Ming looked as usual, his eyes fell on the man in purple robe, who could see at a glance that he was not a dust, but a strong man in the realm of bone sacrifice. Su Ming's character is like this, if the other side is polite, he is rarely domineering, now even if the body can not get up, but as his mind moves, the puppet beast under his body shrinks rapidly, suddenly turned into a group of black gas enveloped below Su Ming's waist, the black gas rapidly condensed, after a few breaths, the puppet beast disappeared. Su Ming stood in the air, seemingly as usual, but in fact he was still sitting cross-legged, and his exposed legs were transformed by the ghost fork, which meant that the ghost fork puppet turned into its legs, holding Su Ming as an ordinary person could walk. The family teacher is the evil son of heaven. Su Ming folded his fists at the man in purple robe. The purple-robed man saw the scene of the puppet beast condensing and shrinking under Su Ming's body, and his eyes had a strange awn. It seems that the rumor I heard recently about the Ninth Peak and the Northern Xinjiang Department is still true. This ghost fork puppet is unique to the Ghost Taiwan clan, and it is very difficult for outsiders to obtain it. Su Ming smiled and did not speak. Since Brother Su is a disciple of the Evil Son of Heaven, he and I are of the same generation. Brother Su, I always mean it. Please The purple-robed man opened his mouth with a smile and turned sideways. Brother Chang, please! Su Ming smiled and folded his fists. The two of them stepped out at the same time, and the man in purple robe immediately walked out more than forty feet, without looking back, he could feel that Su Ming looked as usual after he was more than twenty feet. But in his heart, he inevitably had an accurate judgment of Su Ming's cultivation. With his cultivation, he could naturally see that Su Ming was not hiding his speed,aluminum tile edge trim, but was indeed much slower than him. And the most important thing is that he can see that outside Su Ming's legs, there is a ghost of the puppet of the Ministry of black gas, which is obviously able to increase some of their own speed. jecatrims.com