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It can also embarrass the three-eyed Cao and prove that we have the strength to attack them at any time and dare not act rashly in the future. "Well, it's worth a try." Surnamed Huang conation, "the master also expected three eyes Cao will not stop, know sooner or later with." He made a clean break and sent us here to test it, just to do his best. Now that we have failed, we should try to deal with it separately. Strong. All right, take a detour. "We are also doing our best to listen to fate." Jian said unkindly, "I hope God will be merciful and let us capture them alive smoothly." Mother and daughter. To the east of Puji Bridge is Qishan Mountain, with more than ten peaks of equal height. It is a scenic spot outside the city. There are nine caves on it. In more than ten miles, there are ninety-one springs and more than twenty pavilions. Qishan Lake in the west is a good place for big families in the city to buy gardens. Cross the Puji Bridge to the west, at the end of the path is the Xue family, which is a garden villa-style building, very close to the city. Convenient. The south end of the bridge forms a small street outside the city, which is the only way for tourists to go shopping. All kinds of shops should be complete, only two from the Xue family. A little more, the two places are clearly visible in the distance. Miss Lin Tsui-shan was very active by nature, and when she calmed down, she was bored. She couldn't stay in the Hsueh family,wholesale plastic pallet, so she took two men and two women with her. Appear in Qiaotou Street, Qishanju, where snacks and tea are sold, is a good place for tourists to get together and drink tea. Elegant and refined. She couldn't be idle and wanted to see what was going on outside. Her father settled down in the old shop of Nanling in the city, and with great fanfare, a group of heroes came to coordinate one after another, regardless of the people on either side. Attracted by her father's public appearance,spill plastic pallet, she hid outside the city without attracting attention. Her father had sent someone to keep an eye on Dagan Kun's hand, and the time had not yet come. There was no need to rush to seek revenge, and there was no need for her to run errands. Tai Sui Zhang, she is very angry when she thinks of this person. It was too much to openly say that she was going to be the lady of the village. It was too unreasonable to bully people too much. If she and her father together, too old Zhang to find the head, there will be a big conflict disaster, what is the result? She doesn't Dare to think. But apart from her anger, did she really hate Tai Sui Zhang? Calm contemplation, the result is negative. After all, she provoked Tai Sui Zhang first, and she attacked Tai Sui Zhang again. More importantly, Tai Sui Zhang is very kind to her father. If there is no Tai Sui Zhang to expose the conspiracy of Da Gan Kun, there is no Tai Year-old Zhang Yi warned again that there were few people left who were still loyal to Xiaozhu. Perhaps the reason why Tai Sui Zhang gave her a bad impression was that Tai Sui Zhang was constantly involved with some notorious women. Get up! While drinking tea, plastic pallet supplier ,foldable bulk container, she meditated on the impression of being entangled with Tai Sui Zhang. She felt that Tai Sui Zhang's talents and martial arts were all first-class talents, and they were the only ones who were rude to her. Man, a man who dares to tease and oppress her, is totally different from those who treat her as a phoenix, and is the only one who can suppress her. A man of temper and heroism. Annoying scoundrel! She suddenly blurted out a curse. But there was no anger on his face. What's the matter with you, miss? The female attendant sitting across the table asked with surprise and concern. Oh! Nothing. She blushed and settled down perfunctorily. "Let's go into town and ask Dad for those ghosts and snakes." News of God's whereabouts. "Don't go, Miss." Another male attendant said, "Sir, no one is allowed to act rashly. The time has not yet come.". Those fierce Demon is escaping from the pursuit of Tai Sui Zhang, erratic, the news is different every time, uncle will not say, go is also white, what? "Uncle Kuang told us again and again that people on our side should not move around without authorization." "I must find the daughter of Da Gankun's hand and see whose double sharp needle is powerful." She said angrily, "Their two fronts." Needles have killed many of our brothers. "When we strike, it's time to claim back the blood." Female attendant phoenix eyes in the murder rage, "deal with this." The only way to stop killing is to kill a demon who does not pay attention to moral rules. It was still early, and there were few tea customers in the morning. There were less than 20% of the teahouse customers in the shop, and you could see at a glance what kind of people there were. The five diners who stepped into the shop saw Lin Cuishan and five men and women at a glance.
"Wonderful! When luck comes, even Mount Tai can't stop it." Poisonous Claw Sirius was so excited that he sat down at the next table and stared at the eagle. As soon as Liu Dun picked up Lin Cuishan, she beat her companion in secret. It's really wonderful. Good luck is really coming. Sword unfeeling is more excited, "neither bother, nor risk, ha ha." Ha! Maybe God is really mean enough to take special care of us. Miss Lin and the five of them had a look of wariness and hatred on their faces. They are the pig friends and dog friends of Dagan Kunshou, the unfeeling killer sword and the lone bandit Poisonous Claw Sirius. The other three don't know where they come from. They must be It's the person who helped Da Gankun. The male attendant looked rather nervous and said to the girl in a low voice, "Be careful of the broken soul needle of the sword." His swordsmanship is very good. "Then get ready to do it." The girl was angry, and she had a prejudice against the person who helped Da Gankun with boxing, and she was very hostile. Don't do it yet. The male attendant said, "They haven't officially said that they will fight for Dagan Kun. We can't take the initiative to provoke the teacher." Out of no name. "But." "Wait for them to start, miss." The female attendant also said, "They are coming for us, let them provoke the responsibility of seeking revenge." Ren. The people on both sides focused their attention on each other, forgetting the other tea customers and not paying attention to a small village girl who followed them. The little village girl carried a long cloth roll under her side, covered her mouth and nose with the lower end of a blue cloth towel wrapped around her hair, and hurriedly moved to the corner of the wall without attracting people. Pay attention to the place. There is no danger, Venomous Claw. The girl raised her eyebrows and said proudly, "This girl often walks alone in Jianghu." Move, deal with all kinds of ghosts and monsters, have seen many masters and celebrities, but also experienced some of the most influential people in Jianghu There are many dangers, but I can get through them once and for all. You have a friendship with Da Qiankun, so you should help him. Just now You say,plastic pallet supplier, even if luck comes, Taishan can't stop it. In the same way, you can't hide from bad luck. "Oh!"! Is it.. 。 cnplasticpallet.com